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Key Issues - Health Care



A July 2010 Research Brief from the Penn State Data Center highlights the release of the 2007 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates for Pennsylvania and its counties.  The data shows that of the 10,422,502 Pennsylvanians under 65, there were an estimated 1,167,286 individuals without health insurance in 2007, or 11.2 percent of that population.  Pennsylvania ranked 10th nationally in the number of people under the age of 65 without health insurance and 44th nationally in percent of that age group without health insurance coverage.  The Data Center has also prepared maps displaying the information.  This map breaks down the information by county for all races for individuals under the age of 65, while this map provides the percentage of uninsured in various age groups.  More detailed information on the number of uninsured in Pennsylvania and other states can be accessed at the Census Bureau’s Small Area Health Insurance Estimates webpage found here.

The Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance website provides free, detailed reports of hospital performance based on widely-recognized and established quality measures designed to be accessible to everyone.  Users can find data on up to 39 different health care quality and experience measures, as reported by general acute care hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, and determine how hospitals compare with another and against state and national averages.  The Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance is a voluntary group of health care organizations with the goal of developing a state-wide approach to hospital quality measurement supported by quality-of-care data from a variety of public sources. 

The Senate Republican HealthNETPA webpage provides detailed information about the Senate Republican legislative package to expand health care access, including bill summaries, number of individuals that will be benefit and funding.

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The Mcare Home Page maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance provides information about the program including an Mcare fact sheet and link to its latest annual report.

The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council website provides public data about the cost and quality of health care in Pennsylvania. The Council collects over 4.5 million inpatient hospital discharge and ambulatory/outpatient procedure records each year from hospitals and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers in Pennsylvania. The Council also collects data from managed care plans on a voluntary basis. The Council shares this data with the public through free public reports.

The Patient Safety Authority website provides information about this independent state agency created by the General Assembly to reduce and eliminate medical errors and to recommend solutions that promote patient safety in health care facilities.

The Office of Health Care Reform website provides information on the Governor’s health care reform proposals.

The U. S. Census Bureau’s Health Insurance webpage provides the latest health insurance date, including comparisons across the states and various demographic sectors of the population.

The Kaiser Family Foundation webpage provides extensive information on health care and other health-related issues, including state health facts.

The Commonwealth Fund webpage provides information about health-related issues at both the federal and state levels. The Commonwealth Fund is a national, private foundation located in New York, NY that supports independent research on health care issues across several subject areas.